Living Room Facelift

I'm back! I am so excited about a new project that will be launching next week (stay tuned!!), so I wanted to make sure I shared this project with you before moving on to other things ;)

My client had a wonderful furniture set from Pottery Barn (sectional and a chair-and-a-half with an ottoman) - it suited her space well and, with down everything, it was super comfortable. And, it came with slipcovers - perfect, of course, for grandkids and animals. However, when she washed them, they shrunk :(

So, rather than deal with the ongoing frustration of too-small slipcovers, she decided to start over. She found a great to-the-trade fabric - a low-pile chenille, treated with Crypton for stain resistance and durability. And this time she went with color!

To me, it looked like lavender with sage - pretty! The fabric was softer and lighter in weight than other Crypton samples I had seen, so it sewed up better than I expected. And this was my first time to have to do the pin-fitting right-side-out, since the sectional sections were asymmetrical. It was not as complicated as I had thought it might be :)

A key part of the project was replacing all the down wraps for all the cushions (the originals had flattened and were "leaking" some). Ronco Industries came to the rescue, with a new down back cushion for the chair and new down wraps for all the seat cushions. And these cushions were not small, so it was like wrapping them all in thick down comforters (the bench cushions on the sectional were each almost the size of a twin mattress)! 

This was so worth it - the pieces are refreshed and even more comfortable than they were to start with.

We did a mix of contrast piping trim and topstitching  - adds interest, but keeps the overall design simple.

I opted to construct one of the sectional cushions the "regular" way, with the zipper panel wrapping around both ends of the cushion (see below). But, since the end of one of the cushions is exposed when the sectional is assembled, I moved the zipper panel on that cushion around so that the exposed end is "clean". The length of the zipper stayed the same, it just puts more of the zipper length in a place where it is hidden.

Sectional End W.jpg

Here's to new looks for the new year!



A New Fabric Favorite

This project had stripes, and buttons, and great fabric...

It started out like this...

... In great shape, just red, in a house with all these other pieces. My client picked a great cotton-linen blend fabric, in Spa (there is a great Indigo version that I am determined to use in my house somewhere!). It washed up beautifully and covered all that red without an underslip - that is my kind of slipcover fabric!

Look at all that great texture!

Since the back of the chair would be facing the front door, we did something a little special for the back...

Actually, the buttons were a useful solution to the curvy shape of the back of the chair. And they tied in very well to the simple lines and buttons we used on the other pieces...

And a button close-up, because, well, just because :)

And here she is, ready to join the rest of the room!

I'll have quite a different project in this fabric to show you in the next little while :)


For the Love of Ticking

I'm back! I took a bit of a longer-than-anticipated break from blogging, but as you can see from this new website/blog, it was for good reason :) If you have been following along on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you have seen that I had the privilege of collaborating with Caitlin Powell Design to work through a re-branding process. And this new site is one of the results! Other pieces will roll out in the next few months. This branding project has been on my to-do list for some time, so it was great to spend some time and get it done right :)

And, now back to slipcovers!

I love ticking! When my client sent me this picture...

... and said that she wanted it done in ticking, I was all over that! She chose a black ticking from So, when you change toile to ticking, this is what you get...

My client wanted a slightly looser fit, which worked great for the shape of this piece - no zipper closure was required.

The ticking complemented the track arms perfectly.

We chose to use a micro-cord for the trim - it was enough to finish the seams and highlight the lines of the piece, but not big enough for the stripes to make you cross-eyed.

A short skirt shows off the pretty legs.

This was a beautiful piece to work on; a little stripey update was all it needed :)


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Subtle Alterations Can Change Everything

This project required a simple slipcover, but we made a few other changes that resulted in a dramatically updated couch - makes for a great before-and-after! Before...

August Blues - Couch Before
August Blues - Couch Before

... a well-loved couch, sturdy, but in need of an update.

As with any renovation project, we started with the structure, before we did the cover. The couch sat quite low to the ground, so, based on the starting seat height, we determined that the width of a 2x4 would be enough to raise the seat height to a standard 18". My client's father built three frames of 2x4s to raise the couch . Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture, but there was one for each end, and one for the middle that the frame of the couch rested on. It made a big difference, both in appearance and function!

Once the new seat height was established, we could construct the new cover. Dropcloth was the fabric of choice, which provided a neutral backdrop for patterned pillows to come. We decided on a simple, traditional slipcover style...

August Blues - Dropcloth slipcover after
August Blues - Dropcloth slipcover after

A completely new look! The other "structural" change was the addition of new custom inserts for the back cushions. We increased the size slightly over what we started with and filled them with cluster polyfill for resilience. The smaller, rectangular cushions (not pictured here) were also replaced with new down inserts.

August Blues - dropcloth slipcover arm after
August Blues - dropcloth slipcover arm after

Just piping trim and a simple, tailored skirt (with a corner pleat that didn't get pressed quite right :/).

August Blues - Dropcloth slipcover after
August Blues - Dropcloth slipcover after

Subtle changes for a fresh, new look for more years of comfortable use :)