For the Love of Ticking

I'm back! I took a bit of a longer-than-anticipated break from blogging, but as you can see from this new website/blog, it was for good reason :) If you have been following along on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you have seen that I had the privilege of collaborating with Caitlin Powell Design to work through a re-branding process. And this new site is one of the results! Other pieces will roll out in the next few months. This branding project has been on my to-do list for some time, so it was great to spend some time and get it done right :)

And, now back to slipcovers!

I love ticking! When my client sent me this picture...

... and said that she wanted it done in ticking, I was all over that! She chose a black ticking from So, when you change toile to ticking, this is what you get...

My client wanted a slightly looser fit, which worked great for the shape of this piece - no zipper closure was required.

The ticking complemented the track arms perfectly.

We chose to use a micro-cord for the trim - it was enough to finish the seams and highlight the lines of the piece, but not big enough for the stripes to make you cross-eyed.

A short skirt shows off the pretty legs.

This was a beautiful piece to work on; a little stripey update was all it needed :)


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