Working Under The Radar

Hello, there!

I feel like I'm having to learn this blogging thing again, it's been so long since I last posted. If you are new around these parts, welcome! It may have been quiet around here, but my sewing machines have been humming - I have so many projects to share with you, so let's get started...

I did this project a few months back. It started with two chairs and grew to add four more. We started with a pair of these classic arm chairs...


...added four more curvy side chairs, and refreshed them all with simple white cotton duck slipcovers...

So fresh and clean-looking! Here are some details...

(Aren't those pretty chairs?)

Simple slips for some classically beautiful chairs!


P.S. Pillows by Pillows For Good.

Crisp and Tailored

My client knew exactly what she wanted for this next project - tailored, white slipcovers. The only thing that changed in the course of planning was the size of the project - we started with one sleeper sofa, but then she purchased the same sofa in a non-sleeper version to replace a sectional that just wasn't working for them. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any "before" pictures, but both of these pieces are "Axis" style couches from Crate and Barrel. She chose white 12oz duck cloth and this was the outcome...

We opted for no skirt, just taking the slipcover almost down to the floor. And I think I am a fan of those simple track arms :)

This one is the sleeper - I treated it the same as the other, but installed a zipper around the seat deck to make it easy to access the pull-out bed without removing the whole slipcover.

Just very simple. But, those throw pillows! My client has the best collection - every time I install a slipcover, she brings out all these perfectly mixed-and-matched pillows - wait until you see the whole room!

Such a great space, made lighter and brighter with the white slipcovers...

A perfect summer look, just in time for the Texas heat!

Do lighten your home for summer?


The Chair with Two Left Feet

...or When a $5 Craigslist Chair is Just a $5 Craigslist Chair :) This is a story about a chair...

August Blues - Before
August Blues - Before

I thought the corner of our front room (my office/furniture holding room) needed a little something, a chair specifically. I like wing chairs for the height they bring to a seating arrangement, so I went to Craigslist to see what I could find. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a chair whose primary job was to fill a space and look good (with a slipcover, of course), so when I spotted one nearby for $5, I contacted the seller about details and we went to have a look.

The seat cushion was attached, not my favorite, but the rest of the chair seemed ok - sturdy enough, the fabric was in good shape, and it didn't smell funny. So, we took it... I mean, it was $5! And, I soon realized why it was only $5...

When we were loading the chair, I noticed that one of the back legs had been put on wrong. Well, that would be an easy fix. Once we got it home, I attempted to fix that rogue leg and realized that both back legs were the same, as in they both belonged on the same side of the chair. And the legs were plastic, not wood :/ And then (yes, there is more!) I looked more closely and noticed that both front legs also belonged to the same side of the chair. Who makes a chair like that??? And who pays money for a chair like that? Ahem...

Well, I didn't get around to slipcovering it for awhile and eventually that chair got moved to the bedroom. And then I noticed that my favorite chair (not the one with two left feet, but another one that actually was a great Craigslist find) was being used to hold the Professsor's clothes - what?! So, the Craigslist chair promptly got moved to his side of the room , so I could use my favorite chair for actually sitting in! And then, finally I had time to make a slipcover :)

I used a chunk of dropcloth, and added some leftover white piping. I didn't have enough fabric to make a long skirt to hide the wonky legs, but since the chair's new job was to hold clothes, I figured no one would notice. And here it is...

August Blues - Dropcloth Sliipcover After1
August Blues - Dropcloth Sliipcover After1

Whew, much better, even if it is actually as off kilter as it looks in the picture! It now blends perfectly with the rest of the bedroom decor and is beautifully serving it's purpose.

August Blues - Dropcloth Slipcover Close-up
August Blues - Dropcloth Slipcover Close-up

Now, the lesson to be learned could be "buyer beware when shopping Craigslist" and that's a great lesson. However...

August Blues - Dropcloth Slipcover After2
August Blues - Dropcloth Slipcover After2

...I'm going to go with the Nester, who says "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

Can I get an "Amen!" to that?


P.S. And can I just ask, can we make clothing-holding chairs a thing?? Because, I'm pretty sure we all have them... ;)