Welcome to Pillows For Good!

When I started August Blues, one of my goals was to pay forward the gift that this business has been to me and my family. Pillows For Good does that!

What makes these pillows good? Check out #LookGoodLiveGoodDoGood

1.       Look Good – these pillow covers are designed and crafted (by me!) in a simple, classic style. The fabrics are authentic and beautifully timeless. The styles are effortlessly mix-and-match-able. Use them anywhere in your home!

2.       Live Good – these pillow covers are not just a pretty face. I have designed them specifically for real life homes – they are family-room pillows, pillow-fort pillows, sick-days-on-the-couch pillows, my-dog-sleeps-on-my-pillow pillows…  All fabrics have been washed and dried (on hot!) prior to construction (the Justa covers are washed/dried on cool), so the covers can be easily washed and dried in your home machines with no unexpected consequences. Real life gets messy sometimes and your home décor should accommodate that!

3.       Do Good – This is the best part! 20% for every pillow cover sold will go directly to Empowerment Grants for refugees in Iraq and Syria (through Preemptive Love Coalition). These grants enable refugees, often women, to start businesses so they can support their families with dignity. I love that these grants are distributed based on ongoing relationships with the families and are designed to support their communities - help that actually helps!

So, join me in remaking another family's world!

Things to know:

  • Pillow covers are available for sale at Vintage Bleu Home in downtown Denton. If you have come over from Instagram or Facebook and you are looking for something you saw there, please check this page and/or message me for info. If you can't make it to Denton, shipping is available upon request. Some fabric options are limited, so if you see something you like, don't wait to order! Instagram and Facebook are the best places to follow for product updates.

  • The covers are made to fit pillow inserts in 2 sizes: 14" x 20"and 20" x 20" (FYI: the 20"x 20" size is available at IKEA). Not all fabrics options are available in all sizes. Feather/down inserts are available for sale with the covers at my retail location (all inserts are $10/each). Inserts are not available for shipping.

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for the covers to be ready for shipping.

  • If there are other sizes and/or fabrics you would like to see in these pillow covers, please let me know! I am always looking for new, quality fabrics to share with you.