From Thrift Store to French Beauty

You know I love a good before-and-after :) Well, this is a great one!

My client found this chair at a thrift store for a steal. Although it was orange, it was in great shape and she had a vision for what it could be.

By the time she brought it to me, it was all beautifully painted and ready for no more orange! She chose gainsack fabric with the navy stripe, and added a stencil to a piece of the grainsack for the cushion top. And here is the after...

What a difference a little paint and fabric can make - hard to believe it's the same chair! My client did a great job of the painting, and the stencil was a great choice to make it a one-of-a-kind piece...

There was a tiny bit of upholstery on the arms, so we made sure to cover that up as well...

(those arm covers just fasten with velcro underneath)

And I couldn't resist topping it off with a Pillows For Good pillow, just because :)

Now I know who to go thrift store shopping with! Have you come across any good finds lately?