It's always fun to update family heirlooms for a new generation. We revisited a familiar design for this project (see here and here), but used a different fabric. First, the "before"...

So pretty! Linen, pleats, and allowance for a monogram were the requests. So, my client chose ivory linen from Gray Lines Linen (Home Furnishing linen in HF0027), which I found to be very similar to Glynn linen from Covington. And here is the "after"...

(Sorry for the poor picture quality - rainy days don't make for good picture-taking light!))

We used covered buttons, of course :)

Yep, love me some covered buttons! I opted to stop-stitch the the seams to ensure that they would always stay where they needed to be, even after washing.

And the monogram? Will go right in the middle of the seat.

These will be so pretty around Grandma's table!