Occasionally, I will have slipcovered pieces for sale.  Most often they will be pieces that I couldn't resist slipcovering, but don't have space for in my own home.  Contact me at sherri@augustblues.com if you are interested in making a purchase.  I am not able to ship these items, so you will need to make arrangements to pick them up at my studio (Denton, TX).  Hint: these items may be priced lower than what it would cost for you to have them done as a custom order, so you just might find a good deal :)

Happy Shopping!


SOLD -- This chair is adorable - perfect for a little girl's or tween's room! It is a vintage slipper chair with separate seat cushion, custom slipcovered in a washable cotton ikat polka-dot fabric (it has been pre-washed and dried). The chair is solid.  Dimensions: 29"deep x 25"wide x 31"high. Price: $125 (no tax)

SOLD -- This is a small scale occasional chair, perfect for that corner that needs a little perch. The base chair is almost new (the upholstery on the seat has been replaced). The custom slipcover is made of pre-washed linen/cotton in a soft gray. Box pleats around the bottom, micro welt along the seams, and a concealed zipper down the back corner complete this beautifully simple cover. Dimensions: 25" deep x 22" wide x 30" high. Price: $125 (no tax)